University Work

20 students from renowned international universities, including the ABK Stuttgart, the ICD and ILEK of the University of Stuttgart and the AA London, met at Frener & Reifer in Brixen to conduct research on various tasks. The aim was to convey an understanding of different research approaches, starting from computer-aided processes from conception to completion. The work developed in advance at the universities and academies could thus be implemented prototypically.

Project Information


Exchange between industry and students in the form of an interdisciplinary workshop “Digital LAB” in cooperation with Frener & Reifer.


// Selection of 4 international universities and the merger with the company Frener & Reifer in Bressanone/Brixen
// Development of the work content and tasks together with the professors.
// Organization and realization of the workshop Digital to Metal at Frener & Reifer
// Press relations and support as well as documentation of the workshop in the media.